Saturday, October 14, 2006

Crop Circles: Evidence of a Cover-Up

"Crop Circles: Evidence of a Cover-Up" is a book by Nicolas Montigiani about the phenomenon that occurs in Southern England whereby increasingly intricate and elaborate "ariglyphs" appear mysteriously in wheat fields every summer. See the Crop Circle Connector for pictures of these "agriglyphs".

The author presents evidence for why the "genuine" crop circles could not have been made by the "hoaxers" who currently claim them. The formations appear overnight and it would be impossible for the hoaxers to create the complex patterns in the few hours of darkness and without the protective land owners catching them. The best piece of evidence is that the stalks of wheat have not been broken as they would if someone had pressed them down with a plank, but they have folded over at their bottom node. The cause of the folding is a weakening of the stem structure as a result of the absence of moisture.

The conclusion reached is that the wheat stems were subjected to High-Powered Microwaves (HPM), a lab test had reproduced the same result in wheat stems as in those collected from crop circles. The hypothesis is that crop circles are the product of military testing of HPM weapons. The book goes on to review the known state of the art of this technology and point out the overwhelming military presence in crop circle country.

I thought this was a very good book on the crop circle phenomenon. The author provides a comprehensive description of the history and evolution of crop circles. He has a no-nonsense attitude and approaches the subject factually, which is a relief from other books or internet websites which are either too new-age and flaky or too cynical and dismissive. The conclusion about how the crop circles were formed is sound. However, the question about who and why they were formed is still unanswered.

I'm not so convinced by the book's theory that it is the British or US military behind this. Why would they create so many and such complex ariglyphs? If they are testing out their weapon, they could have targeted a wheat field in a protected area rather than risk microwaving a passer-by in a commercial wheat field.* The book does mention a possible psy-ops aspect alluding to experiments in social conditioning...?

My take on this is that perhaps the British military are not behind the weird and wonderful crop circles, but have attracted them to that area because the intelligence behind them are taunting their capabilities. As the military catch up with the technology they create more intricate and mathematically astounding designs to impress and intimidate, to "shock and awe"? At the same time they mislead those who would believe in new-age ideas of cosmic forces and what-not.

In the Bible, the coming of the anti-christ is accompanied with signs and wonders, and deception. All people will be awed, or cowed, into submission, this includes both "flaky" new-agers and hard-nosed military men. At the moment, the rest of the world doesn't seem to know what to think so it's interesting to see how this is going to develop.

* There is some evidence that the authorities would rather have crop circles hushed up as the book speculates that two men were paid to "own-up" to creating crop circles and the media coverage they received was such that only the powerful could have orchestrated.


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